⭐Special Event ⭐ Kitt Peak Out and Back, B/C, Climb

  • Sat, February 17, 2024
  • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Parking lot at junction of routes 386 and 86
  • 19


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The iconic Kitt Peak Ride...   Ride with GPS map 

Today we tackle the ascent of Kitt Peak, a 12-mile climb.  Kitt Peak is rated as the third hardest climb in Arizona and 130th in the US.   Meet at the 386 turnoff in the dirt parking lot. Socialize with a tailgate party after the ride.

Ride leader:  Sherree Brasher, sherreekoch@gmail.com, 520.447.0096

Special Notes:

  • Water and restrooms will be available at the summit.  The gift shop is open with snacks and drinks.
  • Bring special drinks or treats to share in a "tailgate party" after the descent.
  • The nearest food is 15 miles East at the Three Points intersection at the junction of 286.
  • Unsupported option:  Start at 9 AM at Three points intersection (junction of 86 and 286) and meet main group at Kitt Peak turnoff.
  • The 12 mile climb averages 5.7%.  34% of the climb is between 0 and 5%,  60% is between 5 and 10%, and the steepest section is 8.7% (see below).

Profile and Stats:

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