Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Are COVID vaccinations required?

A.  As of 06-Jul-2022, no.

Q.  Will you be having rides when I am in town?

A.  Yes, multiple rides are scheduled every week weather permitting, usually at least a week in advance of the ride.

Q.  How will I know if a ride is cancelled or changed?

A.  We use electronic registration and will notify all registrants of changes via email.  Please check email before leaving for a ride.

Q.  What. if I can't keep up with the group?  

A.  Consult the General Information page for guidelines on pace and ride levels.  We run mandatory re-group rides and the ride leader will work with you to assure you are in the correct group and do not get lost on the route.  When in doubt, choose a lower level when riding for the first time.

Q.  Are e-bikes permitted?

A. We permit pedal assist e-bikes on our rides although some parts of the Loop may have restrictions.  Please read the following per

Gas powered or any motorized bike that doesn’t require pedaling is illegal and will be ticketed by Tucson Police. The Marana and Oro Valley sections of The Tucson Loop are legal for pedal assist electric bikes. While Pima County had rules against electric/ebike usage on The Loop, Tucson authorities have decided to allow pedal assist e-bikes on The Tucson 55-mile portion of The Tucson Loop.

Q.  What does family bundle mean?

A.  A bundle refers to members (up to 3) of a family membership.  When a membership is created, a bundle administrator is identified who can add the other family members.  Each member will have their own login.

Q.  Do I have to login to the website?

A.  You can perform some functions such as ride registration without logging in, but you won't be able to see member only menus or information.  We recommend you login to avoid confusion.

Q.  What happens if I am a few minutes late?

A.  In general, we start the ride briefing promptly and begin the ride shortly thereafter.  Unless it is a small group or an out-of-town ride, it becomes difficult for the ride leader to manage text messages or phone calls and we ask for your understanding.

Q.  How do I cancel an existing ride registration?

A.  For the website, click Already registered, then Cancel Registration.  For the mobile app, click Tickets, then the specific ride, then Cancel.

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