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Our new 20th Anniversary jersey is produced by Owayo was adapted from art created by Charles Harker, a professional artist (see bio below). The jersey reflects an abstract Saguaro sunset motif and includes a 20th Anniversary seal created by club member Brian Shon. 

Three Dimensional Views

Men's Short Sleeve      Women's Short Sleeve      

Men's Long Sleeve       Womens Long Sleeve

Unisex Short Sleeve    Unisex Long Sleeve     Unisex Vest      Unisex Jacket

Arm Warmers      Cap      Headband      Neck Warmer      Skull Cap      

Pricing and Shipping

Owayo's offers volume discounts on clothing.  We offer each item at Owayo's list price for a single item and donate any volume discounts to our current advocy partner.  You may pick up your clothing at a scheduled ride or elect to have it shipped to your home.


Owayo only publishes sizing based on chest size and offers half-sizing.  See size charts below for different products.  We will offer fit kits in the Fall only.  If you are ordering at other times, use this reference list to find another member with an applicable size you could try on.


Please note that all women's jerseys have only 2 rear pockets.  Mens and womens jerseys ordered after 15-Mar-2023 will include a zippered rear key pocket (see 15 in detail list).  Thiis is a small pocket only big enough for a key or small garage door opener.


We will accept returns for credit or exchange but only if they are unused and with original tags.   Please make all possible efforts to test sizing in advance of purchase as there is administrative overhead and financial risk for the club to maintain any significant clothing inventory.


Please note that color rendering on different monitors/phones can be quite variable.        

We have some items in stock.  The next order window will be in October.

Click item to select size and purchase.

Biography of Charles Harker

Charles Harker, an American born artist is originally from San Jose, California. His recent work with vector graphics and bitmap paintings is of imaginary scenes from the Southwest and Mexico. Harker holds a BA in Fine Art from the University of California, Berkeley and splits his time between Phoenix, AZ and Mexico.

Size Charts

Men's Pro (short and long), Unisex Vest/Jacket

Women's Pro (short and long)

Unisex Jersey

Arm Warmers (A = Bicep, B = Shoulder to Wrist)

Skull Cap


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