Petrified NP, 07:00, Pedal the Petrified Natonal Park, B/C, Rolling

  • Fri, September 29, 2023
  • 7:00 AM
  • Sat, September 30, 2023
  • 5:00 PM
  • Holbrook, AZ
  • 39


Registration is closed


  • For those arriving in time to register Friday (they recommend this), there will be an optional Cactus Cycling dinner at Tom and Suzie's Dinner at 7 PM (they close at 8 PM).
  • Since everyone must start about the same time and in assigned waves, anyone interested in riding together can use a pullout and wait for others in later waves.
  • Wearing a Cactus jersey is recommmended but it will probably be about 50 degress at ride start, heating up to about 80.

Join us for a special out-of-town overnight event in Holbrook, AZ, about 4.5 hours northeast of Tucson.  We will ride Pedal the Petrified, a beautiful ride through the Petrified Forest National Park.  32 and 64 miles options are available.  This is a benefit ride is put on by Northland Pioneer College, raising money for student scholarships.  You must register in advance through their website below.  The ride is capped at 250 riders but you can ride unsupported (you must ride the full 64 miles in this case).  Note: the organized ride starts at 7 AM.  Anyone not registered will not be able to start until the Park opens at 8 AM.

Ride leader: Mark Mench,, 650.804.8469

Registration website

Ride profile

Info on Holbrook

Info on Petrified Forest National Park

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