West Side Hills (B) or Marana social ride (C)

  • Wed, April 12, 2023
  • 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Bruegger's Bagels, SW corner of La Canada and Naranja Roads
  • 49



Ride with GPS Map

Level: Two Rides :  B/B+ or  C/C+

Terrain:  Your choice:  many hills or not too many hills

Distance:  ~25 or 38 miles

Ride leaders:  Doug Toussaint (B) and Roberta Toussaint (C)

Ride Description:  Two rides today, hopefully something for everyone

The west side hills B ride will take the bike path and head out to Sunset Rd.   We will take Sunset to the top, then go over and ride Camino del Cerro to the top.  Lots of little hills, with regroups at the top of each road to enjoy the nice views.

C Social ride: Start out along CDO bike parh with B group. Proceed north on Santa Cruz bike path to lake at end then back to Brueggers.

Bagels and coffee for both rides afterwards.

A signed Ride Waiver must be on file for each rider. Waivers are signed annually at the first test ride or upon joining the club. If your signed Ride Waiver is not current, or if you have not yet signed a Ride Waiver, a copy of the Ride Waiver can be downloadehere.  Please send it to admin@cactuscycling.org before the ride.

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