⭐ Moved to Sunday ⭐ Patagonia, 10:00, B/C, Hilly (3498 ft), 55 miles

  • Sun, March 26, 2023
  • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Sonoita Rest Stop (just west of 82/83 intersection)
  • 24



Ride Notes:

  • You will go throught a border check point before Sonoita.  Canadian citizens should bring a passport.
  • The ride will start at the rest stop.   The restrooms may not be open.  Alternative restrooms and oveflow parking can be found at the Shell station to the East.
  • We will have multiple groups, each of which will re-group via a ride leader or self-management.
  • Ride start temperature about 54 degrees, ending at 65 degrees.
  • Downhill outbound into 4-8 mph headwind, uphill on return with 7-9 mph tailwind.
  • Services will be available in Patogonia and the Park.
  • Be prepared to pay a $3 entry fee to the park.
  • The additonal loop to the Nogales airport is optional and adds about 8 miles.
  • More details on route conditions will be provided at the ride.
  • Optional lunch afterwards is a Copper Brothel, a bit south on 83.

Moved back to Sunday due to weather (wind/cold)

Ride with GPS map


This ride takes in Lake Patagonia, a hidden treasure with abundant wildlife.  We will also visit the Nogales airport. 

Ride leader: Mark Mench, mark.mench@outlook.com, 650.804.8469

Lunch afterwards at Copper Brothel Brewery

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