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Ed and Walter Ride (Vail Loop)

  • Sun, June 13, 2021
  • 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM
  • Starbucks @ Old Spanish Trail and Harrison

At this time, rides are open to fully vaccinated club members only. Annual ($25) and 1 month memberships ($10) are available online. Signups and payments cannot be accepted at the ride.

Level: B+/B/B- 

Terrain: MH, 1322 ft

Distance: 34 miles 

Socialize afterwards at Starbucks. Please bring a mask for inside the coffee shop.

Ride leader: Mark Mench, mark.mench@outlook.com, 650.804.8469

Ride Description: In honor of Ed and Walter Vail, two early cattle ranchers whom Vail is named after, this ride will visit Vail via Old Spanish Trail and less-trafficked portions of the Loop. Clockwise or counterclockwise based on prevailing winds.

Clockwise Directions:

  1. Left on Old Spanish Trail to Valencia (about 7 miles) 
  2. Left on Old Spanish Trail to Loma Alta (about 3 miles) 
  3. Right on Loma Alta to Colossal Cave 
  4. Right on Colossal Cave to Houghton (about 5 miles); Rest Rooms in Safeway Center
  5. Left on East sidewalk of Houghton (use left turn lane before intersection) 
  6. Left after overpass onto Bike Path to Rita
  7. Right on Rita to Nexus;  Regroup at Conoco at Old Vail (Rest Rooms/Snacks) 
  8. Left on Nexus to Loop
  9. Right on Loop to Golf Links (about 6 miles); Cross Valencia and Irvington, follow Loop on Sellarole 
  10. Right into car park after Golf Links underpass
  11. Left on Pantano to 29th 
  12. Right on 29th to Harrison
  13. Left on Harrison to Old Spanish Trail
  14. Right on Old Spanish Trail to Target entrance
  15. Left into Target entrance to Starbucks

Counterclockwise Directions:

  1. Right on Old Spanish Trail to Harrison
  2. Left on Harrison to 29th
  3. Right on 29th to Pantano
  4. Left on Pantano to car park
  5. Right into car park to Loop
  6. Left on Loop to Rita (about 6 miles); Exit Loop at school and straight to stop sign on Rita
  7. Right On Rita to Loop; Rest Rooms in Conoco at Old Vail
  8. Left on Houghton Loop Extension after railroad tracks to Houghton
  9. Right on Houghton to Mary Ann Cleveland; take sidewalk
  10. Right on Mary Ann Cleveland to Loma Alta (about 5 miles)
  11. Left on Loma Alta to Old Spanish Trail
  12. Left on Old Spanish Trail to Valencia (about 6 miles); Regroup at Rocking K Market (Rest rooms/Snacks)
  13. Right on Old Spanish Trail to Target entrance
  14. Right into Target entrance to Starbuck

Ride with GPS Map

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