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Rides and events listed below are open to anyone. Helmets are required.
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Please check Ride Information for an explanation of abbreviations.

All riders - please read the Guidelines for Group Rides and our Club Policies.

Report any incidents (any time whether or not on a club ride).
If involved in an incident or "near miss" with a vehicle, please fill out the survey for Safe Bicycling Data so these can become part of the data used to make our streets safer for bicycles and pedestrians. 

Rides may be cancelled shortly before the ride in case of inclement weather, so check the schedule before leaving for the ride. 

Upcoming events

    • Tue, March 20, 2018
    • 10:00 AM
    • Behing Starbucks at Swan and Sunrise

    10:00 a.m.

     Hills of the Foothills, some steep hills but we gladly wait and regroup at the top of every hill. Please give it a try and do not worry about holding the group up. This ride is for anyone who wants to ride stronger.

      Coffee and socialize after.

    Ride leader: Howard Strause (520) 282-2655 and Shawna Strause (520) 282-2961

    • Wed, March 21, 2018
    • 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Village Bakehouse- in the southeast corner shopping center at Magee/Oracle
    Ride Leader: Bill Koehler

    Weather changing hourly--looks to be getting  summery?

    (512) 963-0693 (Ride route below) Follow Bill on Strava for route information! 

    Check before ride for time changes due to weather conditions, and be glad you ARE in Arizona!!!

    Level: B+/C+ Varying miles-25-35 miles (short, medium, long) The longer version will have some medium hills. 

    Where:  The Village Bakehouse-located in the shopping center at Magee and Oracle (southeast corner-near Trader Joe's). We ride thorough Ranch Vistoso, Del Webb and Oro Valley Country Club.

    Time:  10:00am

    Come join us for our weekly rides on the great roads out in Oro Valley. New riders welcome. Coffee afterwards out on the patio of the VB.


    Wednesday Cactus Cycling Club ride route:

    Leave Village Bakehouse parking lot at designated time, proceeding out the North parking lot exit. Turn left onto Magee Rd. Ride Magee to La Canada and turn right. North on La Canada until Canada del Oro river—take bike path to right and stay right. Continue on bike path up to First Ave, leave path and cross over bridge going North on First Ave. Proceed north to Naranja Dr and turn left (traffic light there). Take Naranja back to La Canada, and turn right- (if you are familiar with NW Tucson/Oro Valley this is a detour around the Lambert /La Canada intersection that has been under construction). Take La Canada north to Tangerine. Group may split here. Faster group turns right on Tangerine and goes to Innovation, turning left and taking Innovation to Rancho Vistoso, turning left. Proceed to Del Webb Loop and turn right. This road will dead-end; turn left at dead end and continue following this road until it reconnects with Rancho Vistoso, and turn right. Stay on RV until you reach the traffic light; turn right, then immediate left. Follow this road around until you are at the school-there is a park behind the school and this is our break point.

    If the slower group rides, they stay on La Canada past Tangerine to Desert Fairway, turning right. Proceed to the school and the park.

    Return route by backtracking—when back on bike path, after going under the First Street Bridge, proceed approx. 2 miles—usually we get off the path and go through the Oro Valley Country Club-        do not attempt this as a new person unfamiliar with the area. If you with a Cactus member, they will show you the way.

    Otherwise continue up the bike path to La Canada, going under the La Canada roadway on the bike path and enter La Canada off the path. Proceed up La Canada to Magee Road, turning left. Continue east on Magee until you reach the parking lot where the ride started.

    Drink coffee.

    • Fri, March 23, 2018
    • 9:30 AM
    • LeBuzz @ NE corner of Catalina Hwy & Tanque Verde

    Level: B+/B/B-/C+/C  : several groups

    Terrain:  MH

    Distance:  25-35 miles 

    START TIME 9:30 AM

    Socialize at LeBuzz afterwards!          

    Ride leader:  Art Havemeyer  Tel: (520) 429-4797 

    NEW RIDERS WELCOME / Come and enjoy the ride!





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