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Saddlebrook B- and B Ride: LH & SH/ 2%-6 % - A Few Low Hills: Ride Leaders: Andy and Diane Bourke 941-221-1611

  • Sat, December 14, 2019
  • 12:00 PM
  • Planet Fitness Oracle and 1st Ave Rooney Ranch Shopping Center

Starting on  Saturday December 14th 2019

Steady Pace 33-mile Ride at Moderate Speeds for B (and aspiring B riders)
B Pace (spirited/enthusiast) is for the cyclist who enjoys riding at an average pace, likes a challenge but is not interested in race-like training conditions where the pace is challenged by different paces or top-end speeds. (B+ average pace is 20-22 mph, B average pace is 18-20 mph, B- is 17 to 18 mph) 

Start and Finish on Canada del Oro Loop behind Planet Fitness
Out to Saddlebrook via Oracle and in/out of Catalina State Park
  Route map here

Our goal is to generally maintain a 15-18 mph speed (depending on wind direction) on the 1% -2% grade up to Saddlebrook. Store stop/rest break at the Mini mart in Saddlebrook. Return trip pace 18-24 mph on descent back into Oro Valley. The goal is to keep our group together.

This will be a no drop ride; however, we ask riders to be able to maintain at least the minimum posted speed. Faster riders who choose to go off the front will be on their own.
Andy or Diane Bourke
Text or call us at 941-221-1611

Meet at Planet Fitness parking
(Rooney Ranch shopping center located 3.7 miles north from Village Bakehouse) Coffee and food at First Watch/Starbucks or Rubio’s TBD
  Link to directions here

To get in touch with us with your comments or questions:

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